June 21, 2023

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Dentsu Beach house events at Cannes 2023

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Embracing AI, Unleashing Creativity, and Navigating Future Challenges 

Dentsu once again infused the spirit of creativity into this year’s Cannes Lions, embracing the festival’s 70th anniversary with an invigorating blend of youthful enthusiasm and renewed passion. The vibrant atmosphere was complemented by Dentsu’s captivating panel discussions, where the theme of creativity took centre stage.


The future of innovation and experience: How to navigate technology shifts, ensure value generation, and prepare for the future.


Why human insight powers the next era of innovation: Discovering how human insights awaken our potential.

Artful intelligence and the power of prediction: In a society that is artificial enough, we need artful intelligence, not artificial. How can man and machine come together, moving beyond bots, to predict and thoughtfully design the future with AI.


Horizontal creativity as a gateway to growth and good: Embracing creativity, emotion, innovation, and collaboration to overcome challenging times.


The power of positivity in combating tech toxicity: Addressing consumer concerns about their relationship with technology.


Superseding disruption to secure a better future: Business responsibility in rebalancing people’s lives, work, travel, and consumption for the well-being of all.


Full speed ahead in sports marketing with Lando Norris: Exploring the future of sports media and brand opportunities in next-level fandom.


Connecting with audiences through joy and humour: Delivering moments of joy and play amidst global conflicts, recession, and climate change.


These discussions highlighted the industry’s thriving marketing landscape, inspiring attendees with a spirit of innovation and discovery at Cannes Lions. 

You can view all our panel discussions here or listen and download the podcast here.

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